Life is boring, and nothing bad ever happens at Disney. When I threw myself into the world of being a Disney Travel Agent in 2019, I felt like Elsa, riding fearlessly into the river of ice. But like most journeys, they don't lead where we once thought.

I watched so many women try and struggle in this field. I realized my ability to be a guiding force for everyone with the travel agent dream. Marvelous Adventure Co is a platform where Disney Travel Agents and influencers can find support and new ideas in this ever changing world. Join me as we fearlessly pursue our dreams and keep moving ever forward. 

Treat Everyday Like Rope Drop

Why did you become a travel agent? Was it to beat Disney withdrawals? Was it to share magic with everyone? Did you dare to look at you life and say this could be a little more magical?

About Me

alyson Krisanda Klatt

As a childless millennial I have 10 years of general sales experience, with the most recent 4 in travel. I was trained at a full service, brick and mortar agency on the seacoast of New Hampshire. I started consulting with honeymoons and worked with brands like AMResorts and Sandals and Beaches.  

Wanting to pave my own way, I left my original agency and signed on with a newer Disney based company. Like most Disney Destination agencies, I was an independent contractor and received training through my agency and continued with the College of Disney Knowledge. 


The most unanticipated adjustment was going from a environment with reliable coworkers to seemingly endless isolation. Despite making friends within the agency, I missed the advice of my peers that came without the subtle weight of competition. In the, at times cutthroat, groups on Facebook, I watched so many hopefuls post looking for hiring agencies.

How many times can you see the question 'how can I become a Disney travel agent' without becoming bitter? I loved my career, but I knew the work that went into it. Resentment clouded over me when people commented on my 'dream job.' When my circumstances shifted suddenly, I found myself ruminating on these other girls, who probably feel just as lost as I did. 

With my experience and entrepreneurial spirit, I wanted to help. When you search for resources on how to be a successful agent, many are ads or just gloss over the major bullet points. I wanted more. What would I have wanted in the beginning? What could have helped me succeed? Who would I have wanted in my corner?

Being a career DTA is work, don't let our curated Instagram feeds trick you. I believe in the new wave of being your own boss, creating the space to grow personally and professionally. It is my sincerest hope that with this platform we can grow together. 

I hope you choose to join me on this most Marvelous Adventure.