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Disney Cruise Line is a major money maker for travel agents, as are new and exciting things in travel world. So Disney finally giving us glimpses of the 5th DCL ship, the Disney Wish, is a huge moral boost for us as a group, don't you think? The video premiered April 29th and featured a bunch of Disney's top minds, a classic cruise director, a fairy godmother, and a touch of cheese. It was super Disney, and super fun to watch, so you may have been too excited to take notes. Let me break it down for you.

The Walt Disney Company wanted us to be aware that they followed "special" guidelines while filming this special, and while that may seem like a given at this point in time, I personally find their continued dedication to health and safety reassuring. Bob Chapek briefly spoke, as did Josh D'Amaro, my lowkey crush. While I kinda just took what Bob was saying as white noise, he did bring attention to Make-A-Wish and Disney's 1 mil donation to the foundation.

Josh made a couple points I felt worth listening to. He highlighted that the long term overhaul of EPCOT is still a go, and Avenger's Campus is opening in June in Anaheim and the Disney Magic will also be headed over seas for UK resident only voyages. I really appreciated the detail that Disney puts into things that so few of the greater population will ever see, specifically with the coin they had made for the tradition of laying down the keel. It got right to the heart of why I stand by this company.

Its both exciting and depressing to see the progress of the actual build. Exciting that we are finally moving forward in life, but with a shadow of grief of the time (and lives) lost to COVID. The sail date of the Wish was pushed due to pandemic related delays. Chapek said “There couldn’t be a better name for our incredible new ship because making wishes come true is part of the Disney DNA and is at the heart of so many of our cherished stories," in a previously released video.

As the video continued, I realized how emotional this was for me, as both a fan and a professional. The last time we got to be truly excited about new projects was when the Wish was first introduced to us at the 2019 d23 expo, which feels like a lifetime ago. With so much of what was announced that week a little pushed aside its so uplifting to see our "Wish" start to take shape.

I adore the Cinderella theme of the grand hall, complete with Wishing Star chandelier and super cool secret entrance to the kids club. The balance between princess and superhero seems to be going well, with the Avenger's Marvel Superhero Academy and Fairytale Hall as part of the re-imagined Oceaneer Club on the ship, along with a more ambiguous option of the Imagineering Lab. I would pay good money to be able to play in these areas, mind you, but they are exclusive to kids age 3-12. Also for the kids is a new Toy Story themed splash pad on the top deck.

One of the coolest amenities from the Disney Dream and Fantasy, the AquaDuck, has been elevated on the Wish to be named the first "attraction at sea." The AquaMouse is a similar concept, this time with traditional ride elements like storytelling and show scenes! A new animated short will set the scene on this 760ft ride.

But if you'd rather stay dry, the entertainment continues with a re-imagined production of Aladdin in the Theater, which has a whimsical magical forest theme. Any cruise goer is familiar with the atrium, and on the Wish its been transformed into the Grand Hall Stage, which I'm sure will be home to many a trivia. Two other original shows and two other venues will also be announced at a later date, showing that Disney is hard at work in this project.

Even more impressive is the announcement of two themed dining locations, a chilly Frozen production and a daring Avengers option. Guests will experience a musical and theatrical performance from the Arendelle gang, including Olaf and Kristoff. But the cuisine has me a little concerned with its Nordic influence. We'll have to see where this ranks opposed to Akershus over in EPCOT. On the other hand, swing on over to Worlds of Marvel, the first cinematic dining experience of its kind. which will be discussed later in more detail.

For those who just want to eat in peace, check out the Hollywood glamour of 1923, which will have a more traditional menu- with a California flare. Adults can also experience some stunning new Beauty and the Beast themed locations. The Rose seems like an extension of the Enchanted Rose lounge already located in the Grand Floridian. Palo got a new look with Cogsworth to thank, and a up-class Enchante gets the Lumieer treatment. Adults can also see a galaxy far far away in the Hyperspace lounge, with views of some popular galactic destinations, including Mustafar and Batuu. Finally, take an 18+ dip into the Quiet Cove adult pool area or relax at Senses Spa.

Remember when I mentioned that balancing act of Princess vs Hero? It completely gets tipped into fantasyland with the princess staterooms. I spied Cinderella, Tangled, and the Little Mermaid in the stateroom art. Speaking of a dream come true, DCL's first ever 2 story Royal Suites will be nestled on this wonder at sea. Did you SEE that bathtub?

So what can you share with your clients ahead of the May 27th booking window? The Disney Wish is sure to immerse you like never before, with entertainment and theming out of this world. The CDC is working on guidelines to ensure the safety of those who choose to set sail post pandemic, and Disney has been exceptional in the care of their guests, beyond even state guidelines. Like any new launch, the first sailings are sure to sell out in a flash, so reach out to potential interest sooner than later. Set minds at ease with the new options for booking with confidence including a relaxed cancellation policy and flexible refund options. As with any Disney cruise, there are a ton of inclusions to offset the higher price point, notably, soda and coffee, as well as Broadway style entertainment.

Struggling to pitch cruising to your land loving clientele? I'm always available to chat and offer my assistance- currently free of charge as part of my beta consulting services! Shoot me a message on Instagram @marvelousadventureco or email me at Alyson@marvelousadventureco.com.

As always, thank you for joining me on this Marvelous Adventure.

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